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The smashing self-titled debut CD release by

'Every Dog Has Its Day'
2004 CD release

Only $16.49
  • 4.2.05 Direct from the Fetish Doll band web site (Randy and Johnny's most recent band) comments by Randy
    Many people have approached us about a new Damien project. In fact, Fox 36 put me on the spot about it a few months ago. My initial response (off the record) was probably not. After the reunion concert in August of 2004, I was convinced that would be the end of it. The business team surrounding Fetish Doll at the time was too strong to ignore and I really couldn’t see pulling off a Damien project. However, after discussing matters with Johnny and seeing the awesome response Power Play Records is getting, we took a deeper look at things. We decided it was in the best interest of the members of Damien and their “extended musical families” (i.e. Fetish Doll, Power Swell, & Stohl:n) to create a ‘house’ in which we could all share the same roof, the same resources, and the same networking. The premise of all this was an agreement, between the members of Damien, to create an awesome new CD. A well-known producer has decided to back our project once pre-production has been concluded sometime this fall. We will begin the writing process in June and should have it written before the year is out. Everyone is excited and I personally can’t wait to get started. Kevin and I are promoting the old Damien releases and I will be gone the entire month of May to promote the band in Europe and Japan.

    WANTED: Monster rock band DAMIEN seeks professional keyboardist for new project. We are working with a known producer. You must have a professional attitude and be versed in “Kurtzweil K” series or similar music workstation systems. Nine Inch Nails influence a big plus. For correspondence and further instructions respond by email to:

  • The fantastic new 2004 enhanced CD re-releases of 'Ever Dog Has Its Day' and 'Stop This War' are available now and can be purchased on-line for only $16.49 each or at a special price of $30.00 for BOTH titles.

  • The Damien 'Every Dog Has Its Day' and 'Stop This War' albums are currently being promoted in Germany (2005) by SURE SHOT WORX

    Look for reviews soon in the following magazines:
    Rock Hard Magazine / Metal Hammer / Heavy Oder Was Mag / Rock It! Mag /
    Metal / Sleaze Online Mag

'Stop This War'
2004 CD release

Only $16.49
Order BOTH Damien CDs together for ONLY $30.00

ONLY $30.00

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