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This month features part 2 of Power Play Records exclusive interview with 220 VOLT, one of the incredible bands that will be premiering very soon on the Power Play Records music label ('Eye to Eye' will be appearing as an officially licensed CD re-issue... more on this below).

As you should know by now, 220 VOLT is probably the greatest hard rock / melodic metal band to ever come out of Sweden. The band is now back in action and touring to support their fantastic new CD release, 220 VOLT "Volume 1" (which features their original lineup from 1982) available exclusively at Power Play Records and the official web site of 220 Volt.

Early on in their history, 220 Volt changed it's original lineup and added guitarist Peter Olander and vocalist Jocke Lundholm (leaving the band were Thomas Drevin and Christer Asell). Olander and Lundholm remained an integral part of the band for the duration, until things seemingly ended for 220 Volt some time after the release of their 'Lethal Illusion" album.
Jocke was particularly vital to the band's success and his vocal style helped to forever establish 220 Volt as a Swedish melodic metal super group. He wrote the bulk of the band's lyrics and his incredible vocal style and techniques are still revered as some of the best of all time in this genre of music.

Jocke Lundholm was nice enough to reply to many of our interview questions, they are included below with many of the never before seen band photos. It was great to hear his personal take on things so many years after leaving the music scene. We hope that you enjoy all of his insights and candid comments!

The majority of the pictures that you see in this interview have never been seen before by anyone other than members of 220 VOLT and their closest of friends. Some of the pictures date as far back as 1984 and there are also some included that were taken at the recording sessions for 'Eye to Eye'.

The photos were kindly provided to Power Play Records by Mats Karlsson.

Power Play Records would like to graciously thank: Ulf Karlsson, Manki Penttinen, Jana Mistenius and Mike Eriksson for the use of their incredible photos of 220 VOLT for this interview.

220 VOLT - Discography (full length recordings)

· 220 VOLT (self-titled) [1983 EPIC/SONY ]
· Power Games [1984 EPIC/SONY ]
· Mind Over Muscle [1985 EPIC/SONY ]
· Electric Messengers [1985 EPIC/SONY]
· Young and Wild [1987 CBS RECORDS]
· Eye to Eye [1988 CBS RECORDS] *
· Lethal Illusion [1997 EMPIRE]
· Volume 1 [2002 VOLT CD]

* POWER PLAY RECORDS is excited to be officially re-releasing
220 VOLT's "EYE TO EYE" and is proud to be able to include 2 bonus tracks
[" Still in Love " (re-mix) and " Criminal "] previously unavailable on CD or in the U.S.A.

The album features retrospective comments from 220 VOLT founding member
Mats Karlsson,
as well as AMAZING NEW artwork and photos! Some of the artwork will be displayed here on the Power Play Records web site as soon as we get clearance from SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. We apologize for the delay but we assure you that some portions of the new booklet will be on display shortly and that the CD will be available soon for purchase.

The questions in this interview were presented to Mats Karlsson in the fall of 2002. Mats was nice enough to pass the questions on to current 220 Volt guitarist Thomas Drevin and ex-vocalist Jocke Lundholm. Jocke's comments can be read below.

[PPR]: 220 VOLT never did a "LIVE" album…did you ever consider doing one? Why didn't you?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: I'm sure we would've. We were raised on "Made in Japan", "Made in Europe", "Unleashed in the east (Priest in the East)" etc. A live album is a must - we just never got around to make one...


[PPR]: What new bands do you really like that are out there now?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: Right now I listen to bands like Creed, Foo Fighters,
Halford….not "new" in that aspect but not really old either. I still listen to the "old" stuff.

[PPR]: Thomas Witt produced many of your releases. What was it like working with him? Do you still keep in touch at all?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: Thomas was fun to work with most of the time. We did have quite a few
"artistic disputes" along the way but I guess that's what producers are for, huh? I haven't seen or heard from him in years.

[PPR]: When you were growing up did you guys always want to be in a band or
did you have other occupations in mind? Also, did your families and friends encourage
you to pursue your musical dreams or did they always try to talk you out
of it?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: I was too tall to be a fighter jet pilot. Have you seen
the "It's nice to be a king"- video? Well, that's me….sort of. My dad actually kicked me,
my sorry ass and my tiny PA system out the door. I was allowed back in. The PA system wasn't.
Once we had a record deal and our first album out he was very proud, but supporting………………I don't think so.

[PPR]: Have any of you had formal music lessons or are you all self taught?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: Yeah, I had some piano and classical guitar lessons when I was a kid.
I was bored to tears.

[PPR]: Every band makes mistakes along the way, do you have any tips or advice for aspiring musicians to help them avoid these pitfalls?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: When you first start out you're very naive. Problem is….there's only one cure for that and that's experience. Since you don't have that you have to rely on other people but most of them focus on their own interests. So…be prepared to take a beating or two and remember… if people treat you bad there's no need to be nice about it….if you know what I mean… ; )

[PPR]: Who were your early influences/heroes? Do you pattern your playing after anyone?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: I think we all try and copy our idols but eventually we create our own style. Some more, some less. I wanted to sing like Ian Gillan, Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Rob Halford, John Farnham, Steve Perry, Frank Sinatra, etc, etc. Preferably at the same time. Nowadays I just want to sing like me. Only better : )

[PPR]: What are your immediate music plans? Any projects in the works?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: Well, you know I left Volt in '92 and had no intention of ever returning to the scene. However, things change. I've played in a number of bands just for fun and me and a friend talked about making an album. I'll keep you updated of any progress…

[PPR]: Did you ever consider moving to the USA (music hotspots like L.A. or N.Y.) to help your careers?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: If everything had gone our way I'm sure I would've moved. No doubt about it. Not necessarily LA or NY but somewhere in the US. I love the US and have spent a lot of time there. I lived in Austin, TX for some time.


[PPR]: 220 VOLT for the majority wrote powerful lyrics with a positive message, you didn't just write about the typical subjects (sex, drugs, and rock n' roll). Where did get your inspiration from for the lyrics and did you intentionally set out to avoid being cliché?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: I always wanted to stay away from the standard cliché crap that's out there. However, although my English is OK it's not an easy task to write in a foreign language. Well, I guess it's not easy , period….Looking back I'm not sure I succeeded in my mission : ). Unfortunately some of the best lyrics I wrote never made it to an album. Most lyrics just came to me. I didn't have any special
source of inspiration. Some lyrics are the result of a lot of thinking, cut and paste….like a puzzle. Some aren't all that thought through, I afraid…

[PPR]: What bands did you most enjoy touring with when you were on the road?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: Nazareth & AC/DC

[PPR]: What was your most memorable show/tour?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: Without a doubt - opening for AC/DC at Isstadion (home arena in Stockholm). Not only for the magnitude of the show itself but we were the first major Swedish hard rock act to play the largest arena.

[PPR]: What lesser known bands that never made it big do you think deserved a better fate?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: I can't really think of any one right now…

[PPR]: How many guitars do you own? What models do you have and which ones do you enjoy playing the most? Do you still have any of the guitars kicking around that you used way back when you started the band?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: Ok, I'm just a singer but I have to say this: I looove my Peavey Wolfgang …sumthin'…sumthin..whatever it's called

[PPR]: If you could go back in time and change things, would you? What would you change?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: I'd take the business side more seriously and everything else less seriously : )

[PPR]: Do you still get a lot of fan mail? How are you treated in Sweden (are you noticed for being a "rock star")?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]: People still recognize me in the streets every now and then. Last week I had a long conversation about music with some guy I met. It took him a couple of hours to realize who I was. Once he did he went ballistic. That was kinda cool…

[PPR]: When you look back on your days with 220 VOLT what are some of your best memories/ accomplishments … what do you feel most proud of?

[220 VOLT - Jocke]:
The progress we made from the "220 Volt" album to the "Lethal Illusion" album both as musicians and performers.

Power Play Records would like to thank ex-220 VOLT vocalist, Jocke Lundholm for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer our interview questions (thanks as well goes to Mats Karlsson for all of his incredible help and the rest of the members of 220 VOLT ). Thanks again, Jocke, please drop us a line from time to time to let us know what you are up to!

All photos are copyright and property of the respective photographers (Ulf Karlsson, Manki Penttinen, Jana Mistenius and Mike Eriksson).

FANS: Show your support for 220 VOLT by picking up a copy of their latest CD release 220 VOLT "Volume 1" (2002 VOLT CD) available right now at POWER PLAY RECORDS and the 220 VOLT web site.

(Sorry we didn't have more pictures of Jocke...if anyone would like to send us a few more we will happily display them here for all to see).

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